Will Disputes

It is important to be aware of how the validity of a will can come into dispute and how we will assist you if this should become the case.

As a specialist in this area of law, Rebecca Widdowson will be able to guide remaining family members and friends through the legal process involved with assessing a Will’s validity.

A Will can can be disputed for a number of reasons, from doubt concerning its intentions – in terms of clarity and legibility – and issues
with its signing and witnessing, to investigations into forgery, into whether the Will was written under duress or influence, or concerns
over the capacity of the person making the Will. Rebecca has expertise in all these areas and is able to advise if
a Will is disputed.

If you are involved in a Will dispute or would like advice on this subject, feel free to get in contact with Rebecca on: 01905 726 600 or
click particular types of dispute to find out more.

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