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Settlement Agreements
If you have been involved with a dispute with your employer or you are facing redundancy your employer may have offered you
a settlement agreement. Perhaps you are unsure about the process and need help in understanding whether the compensation
being offered to you is fair or not.

We have a proven track record in negotiating settlement agreements on behalf of employees to ensure that they get the best
possible deal. You have to take legal advice before you sign the agreement and your employer usually pays your legal fees.

Workplace Issues

If you are unable to informally resolve an issue at work you may wish to raise a formal grievance, we can help you formulate your
complaint and advise you on your legal claims should your formal grievance not be upheld by your employer. Similarly if you have
been suspended or you are facing a disciplinary hearing we can help you defend the allegations and advise you on legal options
should you be dismissed.

ACAS Early Conciliation
You are required to start the ACAS Early Conciliation process before bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal. We have
negotiated many successful settlements for employees through ACAS which has avoided the need to bring a formal Tribunal

Employment Tribunals
We have extensive experience acting for employees in claims of unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, unlawful
deduction from wages and whistleblowing.

If you need advice on any of these issues, feel free to contact Claire for a free confidential chat via telephone or email.

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