“Hallmark Hulme are smart cookies. They look after the legal issues so I can get on with running my business”

Commercial & Business


In business today, whatever your size and structure, the requirement to understand complex details and changes in commercial and business law are both time consuming and onerous – often detracting from core business, keeping your customers happy and your operation performing at its best.

At Hallmark Hulme, we don’t just give you the legal and commercial advice that you would expect from a highly established law firm, we form a genuine part of your team. Working with our Business Law team, you will find that we are just as passionate about your business as you are. We’re very proud to be a long standing and very active member of the local business community and our ethos reflects our dedication to ensuring its success.

Our Commercial and Business team works closely with your business in order to dedicate the right legal expert to you. This ensures that we can really understand your business, your goals and indeed your frustrations, and ensure that the advice and support that we offer really is completely tailored to you and your business.